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FAQ for Valley Bee Control in Gilbert, AZ

Africanized Bee Activity

The Africanized honeybee will not randomly sting or attack. However, it will more aggressively defend its hive than the common garden honeybee. Keeping your distance from any beehive will limit your contact with the bees.

How To Identify An Africanized Bee?

It is not possible to identify an Africanized honeybee simply by appearance. Only trained entomologists, using sophisticated equipment, can separate the Africanized bee from the common European bee.

Personal Protection

If possible, avoid the hives and hive areas. To avoid approaching by accident, be aware of the constant buzzing produced by a colony and look for random flying insects. Know that bees nest in cracks and crevices such as holes in rocks, hollow trees, meter boxes, discarded tires, etc.

How To Minimize Stings?

If you are stung or attacked by bees, run away quickly while covering your head as much as possible. Swatting only excites the bees. If available, seek shelter in a car or house. Remember the bees are protecting their hive and will only protect the local area around it. Extremely aggressive bees may follow you up to a 1/4 mile.
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What Do I Do If I Find Bees In My Yard?

Wild bees and domestic bees are usually present around flowering plants, gathering nectar, and pollen, and should be left alone. A swarm of several thousand bees may separate from an established colony and during this transition, settle at a resting site. They are rarely aggressive, unless provoked, since they have no hive to defend and may move off in a day.
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