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Bee Treatment & Wasp Control Based in Gilbert, Arizona

Valley Bee Control has years of experience providing bee control and removal services. Each bee problem is unique, which is why we keep up with the latest technology and practices. This provides us with the knowledge needed to handle each bee control service with utmost quality service and care.

A Hive & Swarm

An established hive with honeycomb is treated as if it was inside a wall. This procedure ensures that all the bees in the field are treated when they return to the hive area. If the swarm has become established in a wall or other type of cavity, it has to be treated thoroughly. A solid, residual pesticide is applied by hand, which ensures that the pesticide is placed safely and effectively to the area.

The Treatment

The full effect of this treatment takes from a few hours to as long as 4 days. The pesticide remains active for weeks to eliminate the hatching brood.

Although, bees may be seen near the entry to the treated area until the hive is dead. This is due to disorientation from the hive odor changing and being queenless. After this is complete, the hive entry is to be left open for 2 weeks or more so that the brood that hatches will be exposed to the pesticide. The pesticide then becomes harmless after 30 days, depending on weather conditions.
Bee - Bee Control Based in Gilbert, Arizona


If requested, our technician advises you on site about sealing. After 2 weeks, seal all entries to the wall with 100% pure silicone caulking compound or grout. We can recommend qualified handymen to do this for you. Other areas may be removed at this time.
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